Environmental Sustainability major

Love people? Passionate about the environment? Environmental Sustainability offers an interdisciplinary approach to engage your passions in solving complex environmental issues. Housed in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Environmental Sustainability undergraduate major draws heavily on social sciences and the humanities.

UIndy's urban location, relationships abroad, and commitment to service uniquely positions us to provide meaningful civic engagement. UIndy faculty have relationships with Indiana Sierra Club, IndyGo, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Galen University in Belize and many more. Environmental Sustainability culminates in a personalized senior capstone for students to pursue their specific interests.

Program Strengths

  • People centric focus and relevant civic engagement opportunities
  • Provides an alternative for students interested in environmental issues but less interested in scientific work
  • Social sciences and humanities influence promote a broader liberal arts experience
  • 35-36 credit hour major provides the opportunity to double major or add minors in related areas

Contact Us

Contact Kevin McKelvey, mckelveyk@uindy.edu or (317) 788-2018, to inquire about our Environmental Sustainability program.